12 Useful Math Hacks That They Didn’t Teach You In School


Mathematics is one subject which, many would agree, gave a real hard time to most of us at school. It was a constant source of terror especially during exam days. Mathematics teachers seemed like ruthless terrorists, ever ready to hurl a piece of their mind for every multiplication or division mistake that you made. Going through these simple yet efficient math hacks would make you want to go back in time and improve your grades. Well, that’s not really feasible but these hacks would surely help quicken your calculation-speed the next time if you came across one.

  1. Converting Fahrenheit To Celsius Never Felt This Easy

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        2. Multiplication Of Large Numbers Can Be So Much Fun

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        3. Multiplying By 11 Is Cake-Walk Now!

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         4.Now Memorizing Pi-digits Is Surely Your Cup of Coffee

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       5.You Would Love Finding Fractions Of Whole Numbers From Now On

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       6.Calendar at Your Fingertips!

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        7.Butterfly-Buddy Would Solve Your Fraction-Problems

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       8.Identifying Multiples Of 9 Is Now A Sing-Song Affair

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        9.Having trouble with 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 times table?? Snap it way!

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        10.Working Out Percentages Can Make You Cent Percent Happy!

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        11.Identifying Greater-Smaller Signs Now Is A Piece Of Pie And Cake

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       12.Multiplication Just Fell In Line With Your Peace Of Mind

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Mathematics will surely be a lot more fun and easy from now. Have fun and pass on the knowledge to your friends.

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