19 Cool And Creative Street Ads That Will Make You Do A Double Take!

Fun & Humour

We live in a FUN world. Maybe those of us working in an office, sitting in front of a monitor, would give a small skeptical smile; but even to them, the world would still be beautiful sometimes, maybe once out of office.

There are so many interesting ways to do things or to enjoy our environment. The fun things in life are out there for us to enjoy. Who does not love a nice, frothy soda? The dispensers in the picture above are so attractive and full of promise, I would actually like to marry one. Now, one can actually take a shower under these dispensers. Notice the guy sitting in the left bottom corner of the pic? He certainly is a connoisseur, getting an eyeful, enjoying the good things in life.   And the street crossing in the adjacent pic is certain to make you feel hungry. I’m loving it!! Take a look at some of the pictures below…. And enjoy!

1. This is a fantasy come true. To have the food delivered; right into your mouth. Simpson sure has got it right.

via reddit/u/fish_tacos

2. Buying a home is not all that easy, the picture says it all.

via Christophe Huet

3. “When it comes to clean, there’s only one Mr.”

via reddit/u/TrentI14

4. A billboard-ramp hybrid.

via Wired / IBM

5. A lot can happen over a manhole cover!!.

via reddit/u/[deleted]

6. Now we all can climb the Mt.Everest.

via reddit/u/SAT0725

7. Newton has been challenged… what say?

via reddit/u/Jonas_Dralle

8. Always the leaders.

via reddit/u/arbili

9. The most tempting crosswalk lines ever.

via Ads Of The World

10. Victims are people like you and me.

via reddit/u/ammuench

11. Take a break…Literally?

via reddit/u/[deleted]

12. We now can hold on to time.

via reddit/u/Saxi

13. No option to sit and rest… Fitness first

via reddit/u/NigAladdin

14. Laughing at them makes you the hated one.

via reddit/u/Eustis

15. If only this could be true.

via DeviantArt / best-troll

16. I am using the steps definitely… anyone else following?

via The Daily Mail

17. There is no winning after a war.

via reddit/u/Saarrex

18. Now that’s being really literal.

via reddit/u/Cantmakeithenfakeit

19. A little more vigilance is all it would take to avoid this.

via reddit/u/JL_Silva

I’m pretty sure that if you ever stumbled across one of these while walking down the street, you couldn’t help stopping by for a couple of seconds thinking what incredible ideas the designers had. Opportunity for creativity is limitless and every time we end up seeing something like this, it makes us wonder, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ If these advertisements really attracted your attention, then please share.


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