These 19 Super Cool Redhead Facts Prove That Red Is The Best Hair Color!


The ginger-haired have always been the laughing stock but contrary to popular beliefs the red-haired people are truly amazing. So dear readers from our ginger-brethren, gear yourselves with these super cool facts and keep it handy the next time you meet a snobbish ginger-phobe.

1. All red-heads do not have blue irises.
With only 1-2 percent of the global population being red-heads, the probability of finding one with blue irises is even rare – contrary to general notion.

2. Mutant Alert!

The red-locks are a result of genetic mutation. If the DNA of both parents comprise of the MC1R gene, which is known to cause other conditions like albinism, then there is a 25% probability of the offspring being a red-head.So you see our ginger friends are special.

3. The redheads have fewer locks than their blonde counterparts.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Princess Merida from the movie Brave? The free-flowing lock I guess? Most of the times we associate redhead with long-flowing tresses but in reality they have lesser strands than naturally blonde people. While brunettes have an average hair count of 140,000, blondes have 110,000 strands of hair and redheads have the least hair count at 90,000.

4.The occurrence of redheads has been on the downward path.
The existing count of redheads is about 1or 2 individual in every hundred. With the advent of better means of communication, humans started migrating. The changing conditions caused a shortage in carriers of the recessive genes thus leading to a decline in the numbers of red-heads.

5.The Royal Connection
Many members of the Royal House of Tudor, including Queen Elizabeth, were redheads. Probably this is where the reference of Irish people called redheads originated.

6.They are stronger than the rest of us.
The chemical pheomelanin released by the MC1R gene acts as a pain-inhibitor, thus our ginger buddies have a higher tolerance for physical discomfort.

7.The Redhead Festival
The Dutch organize a two-day festival every summer, where redheads from across the globe gather. Lectures and workshops which especially cater to red-haired people are conducted during the festival.

8. Red is not just red…
The red hair locks come in different shades and sizes; be it long flowing tresses or pixie-cut, the hue can vary from golden to bright orange or the softer strawberry blonde.

9. The Nazis demonized the redheads
The Gestapo during Hitler regime had banned marriage of two redheads. They believed the ginger-haired were descendants of demons and if two redheads were allowed to enter into wedlock, they might give birth to a satanic offspring.

10.Redheads are more prone to be left-handed
As seen in most cases, naturally red-haired people are left-handed.

11. Red-haired vampires
History is galore with legends where redheads are compared with demons and it was popular belief in Greek mythology that the ginger-haired turned into blood-sucking monsters after death.

13. Redheads are more prone to bee-stings
The bees probably get confused by the red hair mistaking them for flowers, says studies.

14. The flaring temper
The redheads are type-casted as impulsive and quick-tempered; however there is no scientific basis for these rumors.

15.Redhead Paintings
Redheads were held in high regard in ancient times; it is evident in the paintings by renowned artist, Sandro Botticelli.

16. Mary Magdalene was a redhead
Mary of Magdala a renowned figure of Christianity has been depicted as a redhead in many of the paintings.

17. Redheads can be a sight to behold
Ladies beware, red haired guys can floor you.

18. Less risk of prostate cancer
Though red heads are at higher risk of suffering from skin cancer, men with ginger hair are 54 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer.

19. The iconic Marilyn Monroe
Did you know the famous American actress Marilyn Monroe was a natural redhead, and not a blonde?

20. Dying red hair is a mammoth task
The pigment in naturally red hair is tightly bound to the strand, hence making it difficult for other colours to appear.

Source: Lifebuzz


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