These 25 Cats Are Taking Naps To A Whole New Level. I Can’t Handle The Cuteness!


Sometimes I envy my cat. The only thing that the feline has to worry about is finding a nice bed to take a nap on. Occasionally though, she is highly inspired and creative about making her bed (honestly it becomes a bit uncomfortable for me at times). These cats seem to have found their perfect pillow in their canine buddies and the pictures are insanely adorable. The perfectly-timed snaps will provide your dose of cute for the day (as if we are short of reasons to look at cat and dog pictures). Go on. Scroll down.

1. I’m just keeping you warm dog.2. Mommy! What is that thing on my head?3. I almost missed the kitten.4. Picture Purrfect…5. Fluffy sleep buddies6. Don’t you dare take my kitten anywhere.7. I love you dog.8. Two is always better than one.9. The moggie found a matching partner.10. There you go pal…Sleep tight.11. The dog is lazier, I guess.12. I know you love me dog13. There’s a spider on the floor. Can I cuddle with you dog??14. I promise, I won’t disturb you big man.15. Cuteness to the power infinity.16. Time to hop a ride.17. Is the cat asleep?18. Feeling sweepy anyone??19. Hey cat why are you up there? “Nap time buddy”, the cat says.20. Do you see what I see, doggy buddy??21. He’s going to kill me Mommy!22. Sigh….23. We’re going to be fine bud.24. Oh my dog!!25. Uh… this didn’t seem right.Source: Boredpanda


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