27 Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die


During these harrowing times of mundane ‘office-to-home-and-back’ culture, a holiday trip comes like a real savior. No matter how exciting our outings turn out to be, the longing to have had a little more fun, lingers on until we plan up the next one. Human mind is naturally hardwired to like beautiful things, be it any object, place or person.

Inspired by this inherent longing, we have compiled 27 of those strange, yet beautiful locations on earth worth a visit during your lifetime.

Check them out! Who knows you might end up visiting one. Do leave comments below and let us know your thoughts on it.

1.Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, China

MelindaChan/Flickr / Getty Images / Via quora.com

Photo Credit: http://funtime.ge/saknatuno-ambebi/zrapridan-gadmosuli-qalaqebis-silamaze-26-foto/

One might mistake it for some colorful theme-park but it’s actually a mountainous region in China. Its variegated appearance, according to the Telegraph, is a “result of red sandstone and mineral deposits being laid down over 24 million years”. It’s one of those beautiful places that merits your attention for sure.

2.The swing at the “End of the World” in Baños, Ecuador

Flickr: wurglitsch / Via quora.com

Zak Erving / sparkpunk.com                                                                              Zak Erving / followgram.me

A swing-ride is a real stress-buster that livens up our spirits. But this one, here, is suspended from a tree-house located at the edge of a 100 ft. high cliff. It lets you have a clear view of the active volcano in the near distance besides giving you a rush-of-blood.

3.The Great Blue Hole in Belize

Wata51 / Shutterstock / Via quora.com

Photo Credit: http://fb-troublemakers.com/27-breathtaking-places-to-visit-in-your-lifetime-32544/

Located off the coast of Belize, this hole in the seabed can be rightly named, Diver’s paradise. It’s actually a limestone cave that formed about 150,000 years ago and was popularized by a French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. It is 124 meters deep and 300 meters wide.

4.Tulip fields in the Netherlands

Olgysha / Shutterstock / Via quora.com

                 Nataliya Peregudova / Shutterstock                                             Flickr: [email protected]

This vast expanse of colorful Tulips will surely mesmerize you and leave you with a sweet memory. Most of these farms are located in the Flevoland province of Holland. Tulip season kicks off by March-end and extends up to mid of May, making these two months the perfect time to experience the beauty of nature.

5.The Hang Son Doong cave in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

CARSTEN PETER/National Geographic Creative / Via quora.com

CARSTEN PETER/National Geographic Creative                                      Carsten Peter/National Geographic / Getty Images

‘Son Doong’ means, “mountain river cave” is a 2-5 million years old cave created by a river that eroded the limestone from underneath the mountain giving birth to this cave. It’s 200 meters wide, 150 meters high and about 9 km long. The caverns are so big that they can fit a whole city street inside them. It is also classified as the biggest and the most beautiful of its kind, by the British Cave Research Association.

6.Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan

Flickr: sinn / Via quora.com

Flickr: kobaken                                                                                                                                               Flickr: ajari

This beautiful park located near Tokyo is a variety of goodness. Pretty flowers, called Nemophilas or “baby blue eyes” are a special attraction besides the cotton-ball-like shrubs that carpet the entire park.

7.Mendenhall Ice Caves of Juneau in Alaska, United States

Flickr: [email protected] / Via quora.com

7-1Flickr: gillfoto                                                                                                          Flickr: gillfoto

This icy cave resembling a planetarium is undoubtedly one of the most attractive tourist spots in Alaska but the way it was created will surely give you chills. It is said to have taken shape due to melting of glaciers; the ice thaws even today, as one takes a walk through it.

8.Mount Roraima in Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana

Flickr: gwegner / Via quora.com

Paula Fassina / commons.wikimedia.org                                                    Flickr: gwegner

Ensconced snugly in the middle of three countries, this flat-top mountain was formed almost 2 billion years ago. There are more reasons to visit this majestic place than merely for its impressive cliffs. It is home to some of the most unique endemic species such as the carnivorous pitcher plant. This place also has some of the highest waterfalls in the world.

9.Ancient Region of Anatolia in Cappadocia, Turkey

Flickr: blieusong / Via quora.com

                  ollirg / Shutterstock                                                                            Flickr: teosaurio

It might appear like a battlefield straight out of some high-graphics video game, but make no mistake; it’s a real-time location in Turkey called Anatolia. It’s been carved out into this otherworldly appearance through years of eroding action of rains and winds. Hot-air balloons complement this already enchanting location, turning it into an attractive prospect for those consumed by wanderlust.

10.Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives

DOUG PERRINE/Barcroft Media /Landov / Via quora.com

ArtTomCat/Shutterstock                                                                                   ArtTomCat/Shutterstock

This place in Maldives definitely lives up to its name, with star-strewn water lending it a surreal yet pleasant appearance. This phenomenon occurs due to a natural chemical reaction when phytoplanktons are disturbed by oxygen. This reaction is also known as ‘Bioluminescence’. Whatever be the scientific explanation, this place is surely worth a visit.

11.Victoria Falls bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia in Africa

Flickr: i_pinz

Mark Caunt / Shutterstock                                                                                 Flickr: joepyrek

The Victoria Falls in Africa lays claim to a breathtaking view that a tourist just cannot resist. The sprays that go high into the air cause a permanent rain-like phenomenon and the famous ‘smoke’ that can be seen from a distance. It was discovered by a Scottish missionary, David Livingstone who felt a ‘tremor of fear’ as he approached the wall of spray.

12.Trolltunga in Hordaland, Norway

Flickr: opedal / Via quora.com

Flickr: seekabul                                                                                                                                               Flickr: opedal

Trolltunga or Troll’s tongue is a name that verily suits this geological oddity. It juts out from a vertical mountain side 2300 ft in height. This exquisitely scenic tipping point allows you to have a view of the lake Ringedalsvatnet in Skjeggedal. It definitely deserves a mention in the list of places you wish to visit during your lifetime.

13.Whitehaven Beach at Whitsunday Island in Australia

Flickr: noaml / Via quora.com

commons.wikimedia.org                                                                                    Flickr: wicker-furniture

Whitehaven Beach forms the coast line of Whitsunday Island in Australia. It is famous for its crystal clear water and pristine silica sand that runs along a length of 7 km. It makes for an amazing holiday spot that will mellow you down subliminally and leave you humming a love-number in your mind.

14.The Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States

Flickr: fundenburg / Via quora.com

Flickr: grand_canyon_nps                                                                                 Flickr: stuseeger

The world famous Grand Canyon doesn’t need an introduction. It has its present shape thanks to Colorado River that carved it over thousands of years. It has a height of 7000 ft from the Point Imperial to the banks of Lake Mead. The rocky layer exposed in the canyon has a history of over 2 billion years. It is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

15.Marble Caves at General Carrera Lake in Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

Flickr: [email protected] / Via quora.com

Flickr: [email protected]                                                                                        Flickr: nazgulhead

It’s a 6000 year-old sculpture cut out from rocks by the Lake General Carrera of Pentagonia in South Chile. This cave keeps changing its appearance through different seasons making it all the more attractive.

16.Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine

Alexander Ishchenko / Shutterstock / Via quora.com

commons.wikimedia.org                                              Mihai.Tamasila / Shutterstock

This appears to be a direct import from some fairytale flick but it’s a tunnel in Ukraine, created entirely out of natural green arches. According to the folklore, the couple undertaking a train journey through it gets their wishes fulfilled.

17.Salar De Uyuni in the Potosí and Oruro departments of southwest Bolivia

abc7 / Shutterstock / Via quora.com

commons.wikimedia.org                                                                                    commons.wikimedia.org

It’s the largest salt flat in the world, spanning across an area of 10,582 square km. Salar also has the largest Lithium reserve in the world besides Halite and Gypsum. It’s almost 25 times the size of Bonneville Salt Flats in the United States.

18.Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina in Bahia, Brazil

Flickr: galeria_miradas / Via quora.com

Vinicius Tupinamba / Shutterstock                                                                Flickr: galeria_miradas

This water body is located at approximately 400 km from Salavador, the capital city of Bahia and has water so transparent, that one can clearly see the vegetation and rocks at the bottom.

19.Antelope Canyon in Arizona, United States

Manamana / Shutterstock / Via quora.com

Flickr: courtarro                                                                                                     Flickr: courtarro

This canyon too is formed due to exposure to the water over the years. Antelopes over-ran this place once upon a time and hence the name. It’s located near Navajo Nation land, just outside Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and is definitely worth a visit.

20.Fingal’s Cave on the island of Staffa in Scotland

Steve Allen / Shutterstock / Via quora.com

TTphoto / Shutterstock                                                                                       Flickr: dinksi

The cave almost entirely consists of hexagonal basalt columns which bring out a naturally arched ceiling. It’s also known for the strange sounds it produces. This is definitely a befitting place for those who like exploring unusual places.

21.To Sua Ocean Trench in the Lotofaga village on the south coast of Upolu, Samoa

samoa.travel / Via quora.com

Flickr: [email protected]                                                                                      Flickr: neilspicys

To Sua actually means a ‘giant swimming hole’. It is believed that lava blew out holes that took the form of these lakes and the paths around it to walk along. It’s located near Lotofaga on the south coast of Upolu Island in Samoa.

22.Bamboo groves of Arashiyama in Kyoto, Japan

Flickr: beggs / Via quora.com

Flickr: lestaylorphoto                                                                                          Flickr: caseyyee

Arashiyama, Japan is where this bamboo forest is located. It becomes particularly attractive during the cherry blossom season and takes on all the colors of fall. It was originally developed for aristocrats but was later made accessible to the public.

23.Glowworm Caves in Waitomo, New Zealand

Flickr: [email protected] / Via quora.com

waitomo.com                                                                                                            waitomo.com

The glowworm Arachnocampa Luminosa is peculiar to the Caves in Waitomo, New Zealand. Hundreds of these tiny creatures would surely make your experience out there a memorable one. Also try and enjoy the boat-ride there and be a part of its rich history.

 24.Haiku Stairs of Oahu in Hawaii, United States

Flickr: uosuaq / Via quora.com

Flickr: kanuck                                                                                                          Flickr: uosuaq

‘Stairway To Heaven’ is how it is known back there in the states. It was installed during World War II but was officially declared off limits during the 80s. Recently it got critically damaged by maelstrom which rendered it completely inaccessible.

25.Volcanoes of Kamchatka in Russia

Alla/Shutterstock / Via quora.com

Flickr: e_kaspersky                                                                                               Vadim Petrakov/Shutterstock

It’s one of those locations around the world which is recognized as a World Heritage site. The high volcanoes in combination with the glaciers lend this place an impeccable appearance. This place also boasts of the world’s greatest variety of Salmonid fish and a good number of sea otters, brown bears and Stellar’s sea eagles.

 26.Cenotes of Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico

Vadim Petrakov/Shutterstock

sunsinger/Shutterstock                                               Flickr: daquellamanera

This natural sinkhole has resulted from the collapse of limestone bedrock that reveals the ground water below. Cenote is the derivative of a Mayan word “dzonot” which means sacred well. Some of them have turned into public swimming pools now and are quite popular with tourists.

27.Kelimutu crater lakes in Flores Island, Indonesia

pcruciatti/Shutterstock / Via quora.com

Flickr: will1972                                                                                                      Shutterstock

Kelimutu Crater a famous volcano in central Flores Island of Indonesia. Different colors and the hovering mist have lent this region a supernatural character. Changing colors is believed to be caused by the chemical reactions taking place between the minerals present in the lakes, and this makes them a popular tourist attraction.


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