These 28 Parents Gave Their Obnoxious Kids Just What They Had Coming. The Last One Deserves A Medal.

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If you think your kids’ clothes are weird and their music is too wacky, and, although they’re speaking English, you can’t understand a word – you might be on the other side of a generation gap. Nowadays kids are very sharp and crisp with their thinking, and are able to express themselves very clearly especially when it comes to social media. Some parents are making earnest efforts to bridge the gap, and have decided to comment on just every post their kids put up on the social media. However with the parents hopping onto the social media band wagon it can become embarrassing for the kids at times. These really hilarious posts when parents successfully troll their kids on the social media will leave you in splits of laughter. Go on and enjoy the funniest 5 minutes of your day…

 1. This dad definitely won the internet!!2. Child is the father of man (literally!!)3. Dad rules the fashion world.4. That’s poetry please!!5.Dad pleaseeeee!!6. Do you relate with me?67. Seriously??78. Brief fashion…literally!!89. Try and try till you succeed.910. Stop that…will you?1011. The bathroom is next-door please1112. Lucrative and smut…think again!!1213. Hang you…literally14. It’s illegal only if you get caught right?1415. Birthday gift please…1516. Some serious business to be done1617. No partying around1718. Will you stop that please?1819. One more question please…1920. Toughen up little kid…2021. Truth always pinches.2122. Tim at work2223. Liar! liar! pants on fire…2324. Typos not accepted guys2425. Now that’s very uncomfortable2526. The Literal mom2627. Tough love2728. Last is the best!!28Could relate to any of these experiences? I am sure you would be having a lot of your own experiences, do share it with us and let us know.

Source: Lifebuzz


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