These 33 Pets Had No Idea They Were Going To The Vet. And Their Reactions Are Priceless!


The relationship shared between pets and their masters is priceless; without any verbal communication they understand each other very well and stand by one another at all times. The pets know how their owners will react to a given situation and even the masters are familiar with their pets’ behavior. The pets treat their master’s family as their own and gradually become an important part of their lives. There is an unrelenting amount of trust our pets bestow upon us and we try our level best to live upto that. However, sometimes we need to deceive them for their good because we know they would not abide by everything we say, especially when it means visiting the vet. When they figure out the truth, they react unpredictably; and at such moments all our claims to be conversant with our pets turn vain.

  1. I thought we were going to the park.

  1. I will never forget this.

  1. I’m annoyed, and I hope you know it.

  1. I’m scared! Don’t let me go.

  1. Can you see me?

  1. Why do we need to go there?

  1. No, I’m not going anywhere.

  1. I’m too sleepy.

  1. I think it’s safe; I can come out now.

10.I’m not here.

11.I was searching for the rat.


     13.Where are my biscuits? Can’t find them here.

14.I’m not guilty. Please spare me.

15.Do you know how painful it is?

16.It’s tough to balance myself on this.

17.Noooo…. Please don’t take me there.

18.I’m fine. Do we still need to see the vet?

19.Why are you punishing me?

20.Look at me. Don’t you pity me?

21.They are coming! Hide me somewhere.

22.I have grown too fat.

23.OMG! The vet is here!!!

24.Where are we heading?

25.I did not poop on the carpet.

26.I’m too tired to go.

27.You don’t care for me anymore.

28.I wish I could run and hid somewhere.

29.Hey, you too are here?

30.How could you do this to me?

31.I’m trying to adjust myself.

32.And I thought this was the best hiding place.

33.I need a tight hug!

Source: Lifebuzz


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