These 48 Powerful Photos Capture Extraordinary Moments In The Wild.


True that a picture is worth a thousand words, but is it not the photographer’s perseverance and vision which actually makes a great snap? These photographs, submitted for the Natgeo Traveller Photo Contest, document the wild animals in their natural surroundings; each picture captures a moment which one might miss in the blink of an eye. Battling harsh weather conditions, these shutterbugs wait for hours on end to get the perfect click. The stills from the wild will surely implore you to take a moment from your busy life and look around. Who knows, you might chance upon something really fantabulous.

1. The sailor frog

Source: Penkdix Palme

2. The gymnast ants

Source: Eko Adiyanto

3. These giants take care of their fallen

Source: John Chaney / National Geographic

4. Gator or Dragon?

Source: Caters News Agency

5. The unconditional love of parents.

Source: Petra Bensted / National Geographic

6. A star-lit octopus

Source: Mario Neumann

7. A power struggle in the herd.

Source: Vedran Vidak

8. Curious strangers

Source: Tomasz Grabowiecki

9. The dormouse has no clue what is coming for him.

Source: Tom Samuelson

10. A fairy-fish


11. A lover’s tiff?

Source: Dirk Kanz

12. Real life Simba and Mufasa

Source: Hendri Venter

13. A mesmerizing cloud of tadpoles

Source: Eiko Jones

14. The eyes say it all

Source: Thomas Hawk

15. The kiss of death


16. Unusual enemies

Source: Ian Schofield / National Geographic

17. The death stare

Source: Simon E

18. Looks like a fine day


19. The pretty wasp


20. Quenching his thirst


21. Peace, mate!

Source: Kevin Dietrich

22. Care for a swim?

Source: Kevin Schafer

23. How dare you?!

Source: Paul Keates

24. Will you take me flying with you?


25. Beauty Kills.


26. The big cat is in mood for some fun

Source: Tim Flach

27. If looks could kill…

Source: Sam Morris / National Geographic

28. Okay now get down mate.

Source: Suyud Wahyudin

29. Is the fox smiling?


30. Looks like someone loves the spring

Source: Orpelli Massimiliano

31. The battling Vulpes

Source: Robert Dreeszen

32. The turtle sure does have a taste


33. The whale shark offers a ride to potential preys

Source: Alexander Safonov

34. The mountain rangers

Source: Steve Winter

35. The vibrant colors of the underwater world

Source: Richard Wylie

36. A school of fish migrating.


37. The seal has the perfect hiding spot

Source: Kyle McBurnie

38. The cat wants an undisturbed sleep perhaps.

Source: Joel Sartore

39. A frog smaller than a beetle, can you believe it?

Source: Nicolas Reusens

40. In the flight

Source: Edwin Kats

41. The white shark munching on its snack outside the water

Source: Chris McLennan

42. The angry brawl


43. These fluffy mountain kids have no fear of heights

Source: Goat kids playing at 14,000 feet

44. I’ll be a good boy momma. I promise.

Source: Ariel Schalit

45. Wonder what rests in the strange pods? Baby octopuses.

Source: Simon Chandra / National Geographic

46. Being the tallest terrestrials has its own downsides I guess

Source: Nemesiscom

47. The fly has an interesting choice of a resting place

Source: Robin Moore

48. Handle with Care.



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