5 Of The World’s Most Mind-Bending Puzzles!


The brain never rests and even when we sleep, our minds are active. However, there are some who can read between the lines while there are others who need to be explained a joke in details so that they get the crux of the matter. Hence, there is a segregation of the intelligent lot from the slow learners. Why does this difference exist? Given a thought, one probable reason could be the exercise of the cognitive muscles inside our head. The more you put those muscles to test, the better they function.

Authors of ‘Brain Twisters: The Science of Thinking and Feeling’ Professor Anil Seth and Clive Gifford might have been pondering on the same lines when they came up with the idea of publishing this book. The book has an amazing collection of brain teasers which will definitely tickle our grey cells.

We have hand-picked five among the vast collection to help exercise your mind a bit.

1. The virtual moving patterns

This is an optical illusion and from the name we can gauge that it is not as it seems. Whatever it may be, our brains perceive these colored patterns to be moving or even expanding, even though they are not really doing so.

Photo Credit:https://twitter.com/sadiqmer

Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/sadiqmer

2. Aristotle Illusion

How can we miss the famous Aristotle Illusion? Try this and find for yourself. Cross you middle finger and ring finger and place a pen between them. How many pens do you feel you are holding? Sometimes it might feel that we are holding two pens as this is not the usual way we hold a pen, and the different feel may be attributed to the way we grasp it.

Photo Credit:http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/brain-teaser-puzzles-to-keep-your-mind-sharp-a6674051.html

Photo Credit: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/brain-teaser-puzzles-to-keep-your-mind-sharp-a6674051.html

3. Tower of Brahma

Also known as the Lucas’ Tower or the Tower of Hanoi is a mathematical puzzle which helps us stress our brain cells to a great extent. There are rules which make it even more complex to stack the cylinders in order. If you want to test your cognitive ability you surely need to try this game.

4.Guess the expression

The emoticons (or smileys) have been inspired by our facial expressions; therefore, we know our face is capable of innumerable expressions such as happy, sad, frown, surprise, disgust and so on. But to gauge those feelings properly will surely tease the grey cells in our brains.

Photo Credit:http://vi.sualize.us/syntheticpubes_by_pascal_blacke_portrait_composition_picture_cTNf.html

Photo Credit: http://vi.sualize.us/syntheticpubes_by_pascal_blacke_portrait_composition_picture_cTNf.html

5. Fear Triggering

When we face anything which we are afraid of, our brain’s nuclei known as Amygdala help us recognize it and triggers it to act accordingly. The neurotransmitter known as Epinephrine gets active making the heart throb at a faster pace, sending more blood to the muscles. With all these reactions taking place in our body in less than a second, our brain has to decide whether we want to battle that fear or flee from the scene.

Photo Credit:http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/expedition-discovers-13-new-species-of-spider-on-a-remote-australian-peninsula-10418341.html

Photo Credit: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/expedition-discovers-13-new-species-of-spider-on-a-remote-australian-peninsula-10418341.html

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