7 Moms Hold Their Babies In White Dresses, But The Reason? Heartbreaking!


For an optimist every cloud has a silver lining, but at times certain incidents hit us so hard that it becomes almost impossible for us to hold on to the last ray of hope. It will be wrong to segregate a grief as severe or trivial, as we can never assess the aftermath of an incident or the impact it had on a certain individual. Especially, when we are talking about a mother, the loss of a child is too grave and overcoming the emotional turmoil can be beyond human endurance. When months long wait ends up in a miscarriage or a still born, it’s quite disheartening for the mother and she turns gloomy with each passing day. Even after facing such devastating circumstances, some people wait for the appearance of a rainbow in their cloud, and Erikah is one of them. She was blessed with her ‘rainbow baby’, and that was how it all started. A lady from Texas named Chasity came across a few photos and after deciphering their meaning she was too touched. She decided to share these images on the social media and bring hope back in the lives of people who have lost all hopes. With the ‘rainbow babies’ the mothers found renewed hopes.

Chasity intended to share with the world the meaning of ‘rainbow babies’ and she did that by posting the images she found on her social networking page.

Chasity Boatman / Every Child Is A Blessing

Seven expectant ladies clad in the VIBGYOR hues with their baby bumps beautifully decorated is what the first photo shows.

Natalia Karpovovy and Elena Gannenko

The following image is of those ladies holding their babies in their arms and this time the babies represent the rainbow. Yes, they are the RAINBOW BABIES!


Natalia Karpovovy and Elena Gannenko

The baby born to a lady who had previously gone through miscarriage, or faced the ordeal of infant loss, neonatal death or still birth, is termed as a ‘rainbow baby’.

Unforgettable Memories Photography

The post by Chasity went viral and many mothers who have been blessed with a rainbow baby are sharing their stories on the web.


The photographer said about these photos, “I had not heard of this term before meeting this wonderful woman and mother. After hearing her story and that this was her Rainbow Baby, I wanted to create an image that acknowledged such.”

North Photography

The photographer met Erikah and her rainbow baby. As told to the photographer, after the loss of her first, Erikah gave birth to Liam, whom she regarded as her ‘rainbow baby’, “proof that there is life after loss.”

Rachel Smith Photography

Rainbow babies are truly the rainbow in the cloud. If you have such stories, do share with the world.


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