A Blood Sucker Is On The Prowl Here, & The People Have No Clue About The Horror In Store!

Fun & Humour Pranks

Suppose you are out for a walk with your friends. You come across a strange looking nest on the ground with weird eggs in it. What would you do? You would probably go to investigate the nest, won’t you? See what happens when these people come across such a nest!

Two women are walking their dogs when the pooches discover this nest with the strange eggs. Just as the dogs are sniffing around, a huge dinosaur comes snarling at them from the bushes! Out for a casual stroll, these ladies are intrigued by this nest. Even as they bend to take a closer look, a huge T-Rex emerges screaming from the woods!

This young boy is excited—he has just found a weird nest by the side of the road and calls out to his mom and sis to take a look. Imagine the family’s surprise when a growling monster makes its way out of the jungle, charging at them!

Jurassic Park! What happens at this park will get you jumping off your seat!


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