A car saves a plane with a landing gear failure EXTRAORDINARY!!!

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It’s probably true that quick wit, ability to take risks and presence of mind can save your life. This video proves just that. It depicts a witty, fast thinking pickup truck driver, who drives his truck under an airplane, saving the lives of passengers on an airliner with a disabled front. It’s breathtaking how the truck so easily positions itself under the front head of the aircraft to act as the airplane’s front wheels. The video also includes testimonials of witnesses at the airport, including awestruck passengers, baggage handlers and the heroic truck driver himself. The truck driver, Jason Locey recounts how he raced, after he heard about the plane on the radio. If this attempt was a failure, it could have probably resulted in a fatal accident and it is commendable how Jason had no second thoughts about taking one of the biggest risks of his life. This plane was circling in the airport for a shocking two hours, before the truck driver came to the rescue. It almost looks impossible for the truck to cope up with the speed of the aircraft and swiftly adapt its position exactly over the front head of the plane, that too during the critical time of touchdown. This seems be a rather dangerous stunt to attempt in real life and its quite shocking that did not result in any kind of causalities and instead saved the lives of many. This video will surely turn out to be one of those awe-inspiring videos you have ever watched.

OMG!!! Witnesses inside terminal watched a truck saved a passenger plane with a landing gear failure...


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