A Pool, Drunk Dudes, Empty Beer Bottles & Magic…

Fun & Humour

Remember that beautifully melodies Disney song from childhood?—We can’t imagine a soul on this planet who hasn’t heard of the soothing Little Mermaid’s song ‘Under the Sea’! It was Sebastian’s musical effort to stop Ariel from trying to explore the land and fall in love with the sea instead!
There are so many renditions of the song floating around on the internet but we’ve found the most delightful one for you—the pool side rendition of Under the Sea by a band of new age musicians named Bottle Boys. Why is this one unique? Well, to start with they are making music with empty bottles, which is astonishingly exceptional!
Enjoy this wonderfully unusual version of Under the Sea and do not forget to notice the spot-on shaker skills of the boy in the middle—his melodious ‘shaking’ seems to be the soul of the whole show!

While standing in a pool, all 5 members of The Bottle Boys performed a beautiful cover of The Little Mermaid song “Under the Sea” using only bottles.
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