Absolutely Hilarious Bathroom Mirror Prank

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This video, straight from Brazil, is a rib-tickling-one-of-its-kind prank. A couple of women started this prank by replacing the mirror in a public restroom with a window pane. The trick lied in the fact that a couple of identical twins were set in identical rooms opposite to each other. The twins wore exactly the same clothes and exhibited identical antics. In the first part of the prank a woman enters the bathroom, fiddles into her purse and takes out a lipstick to touchup. Just when she looks into the mirror, she is dumbstruck to see that she cannot locate her reflection, while the woman (the prankster) standing adjacent to her is nonchalantly using her mascara. After examining carefully, the woman starts conversing with the prankster in Brazilian language, expressing her concern over her not-to-be-found reflection! She exchanges places with the prankster hoping that she might be able to see her reflection. While she is still stupefied with all this, another woman walks in to check her hair in the mirror and to our poor victim’s bewilderment, she too can see her reflection (of course this new woman is also part of the prank!). Both the pranksters look like they are not affected by any of it. The first prankster, after the second one leaves, asks this woman to touch the mirror to see if the mirror is real. Just when this woman thinks it cannot get any weirder than that, the prankster and her reflection (her identical twin) on the opposite side of the mirror start to converse and behave differently and this African woman leaves quickly as if she was scared. Our naughty pranksters repeat this ordeal with two more women and in the end reveals the mystery of the selectively reflective mirror to these stunned women!

Extremely scary & funny woman without reflection in the mirror prank in Brazil.


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