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Mom Must Choose Between 2 Doors. Watch What Happens When She Walks Through!

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Feeling beautiful is a personal choice women should feel empowered to make for themselves, every day. According to a study conducted by Dove, 96% of women said they wouldn’t choose the word “beautiful” to describe themselves — although about 80% said there is something beautiful about them. This new short...


Perfectly Timed Photos That Make Dogs Look Like Giants

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Ever seen those giant, human-sized canines? Well, we too haven’t, but watch what happens when you change the perspective a bit while snapping a dog. 1. Monster Pug 2. Huge Hillside Dog 3. Fence Dog Looks Quite Hefty 4. Giant Hairy Dog 5. Enormous Snow Patrol Dog Facebook/Vail 6. Monstrous...


12 Useful Math Hacks That They Didn’t Teach You In School

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Mathematics is one subject which, many would agree, gave a real hard time to most of us at school. It was a constant source of terror especially during exam days. Mathematics teachers seemed like ruthless terrorists, ever ready to hurl a piece of their mind for every multiplication or division...


Dog Who Was Buried Alive Finds Happiness With A New Family

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Nowadays cruelty seems to be limitless. Thanks to the busy lifestyle and the stress in everyday lives, people are becoming more and more impulsive and impatient. They do not stop to think twice before hurting anyone. We do not even spare the mute and the defenseless animals. It makes me...