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Boiling Frog Experiment

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We are all familiar with the parable of the ‘boiling frog’—an anecdote which is used to teach human beings how to learn to respond to gradual dangers just like in the case of a sudden threat, and not be like frogs who do not know how to recognize steady risks....


Best Coin Ever Spent

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This is a flashmob video sponsored and arranged by the fifth largest bank of Spain called Banco Sabadell, on the occasion of the celebration of their 130th anniversary. The video is shot amidst the hustle-bustle of a small ally in Sabadell. People are doing what they generally do—some of them...


Beautiful and Fast

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This is a clever advertisement from Windows 8, promoting themselves as ‘beautiful and fast’. The video starts with a woman, well-dressed in a leather dress, quite dominantly instructing three women, apparently contesting for a makeup contest. The language that she is speaking in is a hybrid language created out of...

Amazing Coconut Cracking Skill

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Do you relish tender coconuts but the thought of breaking it open gives you a headache? Breaking open a tender coconut is no easy task, but the young man in this video seems to have devised a very effective way of doing it. Watch as he easily breaks open a...


Absolutely Hilarious! Smart Kid, Saving Time – Eating & Sleeping At The Same Time.

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Baby videos are always fun to watch, but it hardly gets funnier than this. I bet nobody took Benjamin Franklin’s remark “Lost time is never found again” more seriously than our swaying toddler. He shows remarkable determination against all odds and even defying the risk of falling off (due to...


Absolutely Hilarious Bathroom Mirror Prank

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This video, straight from Brazil, is a rib-tickling-one-of-its-kind prank. A couple of women started this prank by replacing the mirror in a public restroom with a window pane. The trick lied in the fact that a couple of identical twins were set in identical rooms opposite to each other. The...


4 minutes That Will Change Your Life

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This video propels you to think, feel aggravated and inadequate; aggravated with the feeling that we have destroyed our own home, our own planet beyond recognition and inadequate because unfortunately destruction has become our only means to move forward. It is time we question ourselves if we really want to...