Beautiful and Fast

Commercial Videos

This is a clever advertisement from Windows 8, promoting themselves as ‘beautiful and fast’. The video starts with a woman, well-dressed in a leather dress, quite dominantly instructing three women, apparently contesting for a makeup contest. The language that she is speaking in is a hybrid language created out of several Asian languages. She is telling the girls to put makeup on their eyes, cheeks and lips in 10 seconds and the contest begins. At the onset of the contest, the first woman hurriedly makes her eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, puts turquoise eye shadow with a brush, dabs some cheek tint on her cheeks and just when she starts to color her lips, her time runs out and she is left feeling inadequate. The second woman is a bit smart and very articulately puts eye shadow on her eyes with first two fingers and eye kohl with her middle fingers. She attaches two makeup pads on the back of her hands and colors her cheeks with them and uses two lipsticks to color her lips but before she could finish, her time also runs out. Now comes the turn of the third girl; very nonchalantly she sits in her chair and puts some makeup on her desk, colors it with a makeup brush and places two fake eyelashes on it and just when her time is supposed to finish, she smashes her face into it and voila! she pulls her face back up with beautiful makeup on it.

You don't have to choose between Speed and Beauty.


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