The Best Snaps From The Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2015


The gruesome portrait of a red fox dragging off the bloody corpse of an Arctic fox beats all the other entries to make Don Gutosk the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015. “It’s the best picture I’ve ever taken in my life,” Don told BBC News. This Canadian photographer, called this snap, ‘A tale of two foxes’. A rare sight caught on image! The two species aren’t known to prey on each other as they generally hunt and live in different climates. In temperatures of -30 degrees Centigrade Don stayed at the scene, and managed to click this mind-blowing picture even though they was no proper lighting in the scene. “It’s the symmetry of the heads, the bodies and the tails – even the expression on the faces.” Says Don.

Image credit: Ondrej Pelánek/Natural History Museum

The title of the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 was won by fourteen-year-old Ondrej Pelánek from the Czech Republic for his image called “Ruffs on display.” This image captures the birds in show-off mode. Ondřej and his father travelled to the far north of Norway in summer, when there is plenty sunlight, managed to capture the war-like behavior of these male ruffs. They fight to win over the females and defend their territories. Their color determines their status among the other male ruffs.

Image credit: Edwin Giesbers/Natural History Museum

Edwin Giesbers, becomes the winner of the reptile and amphibian award, after this amazing picture was published by him. This picture has been taken underwater, on a cold April morning in the Netherlands. Giesbers waited patiently under water till the moment was right to take this picture. Like the saying goes, ‘No great thing is suddenly created’.

Image credit: Michael AW/Natural History Museum

Wildlife photographer Michael AW managed to capture the spectacular photo of life under water. South Africa’s Wild Coast, was the magical location where this picture was taken. A Bryde’s whale with millions of sardines is what is displayed in this breathtaking click.

Image credit: Richard Peters/Natural History Museum

There is something incredibly attractive about this picture, where a shadow of a fox against a wall is taken in the moonlight. Richard Peter, is the man who has won the urban photography award for this simple but eye catching photograph.

Image credit: Pere Soler/Natural History Museum

Pere Soler, received the “From the sky” award for this arresting click. “The art of algae” is what he calls this picture. This is a sight from the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park on the coast of Andalucia in Spain. The magnificent hues show up only for a few weeks in spring. Different colors such as green, orange, white etc. are caused owing to the change in temperature and salt collection.

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