Cat Dressed As Shark, Riding A Roomba, Chasing A Duck

Fun & Humour

There are no limits to the stupid things that pet owners do to their pets! And then the pets entertain their owners by doing stupider things themselves. But the stupidest of them all are people like us who surf the Youtube for silly videos like this!

We don’t know what this pet owner was thinking when she dressed up 10 year old snowshoe mix cat Max-Arthur in a shark costume! The cat then goes on to ride around on a Roomba vacuum chasing around a baby duck that seems both confused and curious. So what’s really going on here?

Now we have a dog entering this silly scenario—the pit-bull, Sharky, too is dressed in a shark costume! He is a dog, isn’t he supposed to do something funny? Why is he just standing there with a poker face? And why are we staring like crazy at these dumb animals?

There’s nothing normal about this household. Between the cat and dog dressed up in shark costumes, plus the cat riding on the Roomba, and then there’s that duckling that’s either chasing, or being chased by, the cat/roomba.


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