Charter Bus In Rock Tunnel

Automobiles Videos

This is a video that will fill you up with ‘wow’ and ultimate respect for the driver who showed precision and courage! It is a footage recorded by a tourist at a spot at the Pine Needles Highway, South Dakota. It starts out as a video trying to capture the expected disastrous result of the foolishness of a charter bus driver, who is trying to drive the bus through a really narrow rock tunnel, in order to pass through to the other side. The recorder is constantly trying to ridicule the whole ordeal because from the look of it, it does not seem possible for a gigantic bus to make it through a mile of a narrow stone tunnel with hairpin turns! But to his surprise, with a little bit of deliberation (since the sound of the engine can be heard loudly) the bus is moving, without getting stuck—one little step at a time. You can see, within a matter of few minutes, how beautifully the driver makes it out of the tunnel without any jolts, scratches or even knocking the mirror off! This obviously seems like his daily activity because he drives like a perfect expert of tunnels and buses! Just when the driver makes it out of the tunnel, all the passengers cheer him on loudly and the recorder ends it by saying that he would not have believed it if he did not see it with his own two eyes!

How narrow an opening can you fit a bus through? This guy did what seemed impossible! I agree... I wouldn't want to try this!


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