Chinese Netizens Amazed By How Clean Japanese Flood Waters Are Saying ‘It Was Like A Swimming Pool’


Japan, one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, has been prone to natural disasters since time immemorial. The nation has made headlines many times for being affected by deadly earthquakes, storms and even flash floods. Recently, the country was in the news for a tropical storm which had affected several parts of the nation. However, the pictures of its aftermath have left people in a state of surprise more than shock, unlike those of many disasters which have occurred in the past. An Asian social media website released pictures of a subway in an Eastern Japanese city, which have become a subject of gossip. The subway looked nothing short of a beautiful swimming pool, all thanks to the storm.

Internet users, especially those belonging to Asia were surprised on seeing the crystal clear waters, which had flooded many areas of Japan, due to a tropical storm named ‘Etau’. 1


This sight at a subway located in the city of Hamamatsu has turned into an online sensation. Unlike most pictures showing the aftermath of natural disaster, this one turned popular for a whole new reason. Netizens have been talking a lot about the cleanliness of this water. These images were first circulated by a website named Weibo – which is a popular Chinese social media platform.



Initially, many refused to believe the picture and also felt the texture of the water has been altered through an image editing software like ‘Photoshop’. The quality of water at this flooded Japanese subway is believed to be even better than that of most swimming pools in China. 3


Pictures of flood affected areas in China and many other parts of Asia in the past have revealed garbage floating in the water. Even the color of the water shows the amount of pollutants it is carrying. These photos also reveal that Japan has been quite disciplined in terms of cleanliness and has also managed to keep pollutants at bay. The crystal clear flood water is the best example to prove this fact. 4

Source: Hongkongfp

Japan has thus set an example for many other nations to follow.


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