A Couple Transformed This Big Yellow School Bus Into A Cozy Home. Wait Until You See The Inside.


Ever imagined that the big yellow school bus you rode on everyday as child could transform into a cozy little home? Well now your imagination is a reality. Jeremy and Mira Thompson decided to live on the road, and opted for a nomadic, minimalistic lifestyle. They transformed a 37ft long school bus into a creative tiny home. Wondering how did they manage that? Read on guys, and get ready to be totally awestruck.

  1. Four years of dedicated hard work on this 1989 school bus, and after all the modification, the Thompson’s officially call it their ‘Home’.

  1. “We fell in love with the freedom, but eventually found ourselves wanting a home base near our families,” they told the magazine, Good Housekeeping. The home is made out of environment friendly materials.

  1. Even if the kitchen looks small, it has space for a stove, fridge and a lot of room for some yummy cooking to be done.

  1. Craftsmanship of the 1900s was kept in mind while designing the interiors of this beautiful house.

  1. The wheel wells of the bus have also been incorporated into the house; while one is used as love seat the other is used as a cast iron stove for heating.

  1. The “canopied” bed brings out a gypsy feel. The space above serves as a lovely sitting area for reading and relaxing.

  1. The space above the bed is where Jeremy plays his guitar, and the wooden ceiling acts as a natural amplifier.

  1. The indoor plants and lighting complement the curved ceiling of the house thus lending it a warm and cozy ambience.

  1. The stove from Amana, and the 1959 fridge both using propane found a perfect place in the house.

Creativity has no bounds and what more could prove this in any better way. Share and spread these innovative ideas around.

Credit: Tiny House for Us


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