Craziest Roller Coaster in The World – ‘Bigger! Faster! Scarier!’


A couple of famous dudes on the internet, ‘FreddieW’, invented a day for fun in 2010, the ‘Roller coaster Day’. This video from the following year with these guys hanging outside the Six Flags Magic Mountain, discussing how awesome ‘Roller coaster Day’ is and the time of the year they have chosen for it makes it easier for them to take one ride over and over again as there are practically no queues for the rides. Just when they are celebrating this fact, the camera pans towards the hundreds of visitors who have come from all over America to spend the ‘Roller coaster Day’ with them. They are shown interviewing people, asking around why and how they have come to Six Flags and to their surprise, youngsters drove from places as far as Phoenix and Oregon to Los Angeles, to rejoice the awesomeness of the ‘Roller coaster Day’. The video shows how exhilarating roller coasters actually are. ‘FreddieW’ are having great fun, with complete strangers, on some of the most thrilling rides of the Six Flags Magic Mountain. There are some funny moments in the video when Wong loses his phone on one of the rides that flips and later finds it completely annihilated, also when one of the groups on the ‘Pirate Ship’ is shown to be dull and not screaming and screeching like others, to which the ride controller says on the microphone that ‘Have fun guys, this is not a library. Come on!’. There are some animated moments in the video as well, such as, when the flipping roller coaster loses its track on the click of the mouse and all the cars of the ride fall down, funny and scary at the same point! The video ends with the entire crowd waving at the camera, shouting with excitement.

On April 27th, people around the world took a day off because of a holiday two dudes on the internet made up! Here's Roller coaster Day as experienced at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia. They sure got some dangerous rides!


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