This Amour Plated Snail Was Discovered In Indian Ocean, And It Has Real-Life Superpowers


After reading the title of this post I am sure you want to know which creature I am talking about. I’m referring to a black knight in the depths of the Indian Ocean whose armor doesn’t give in to blows quite so easily, since its shell is made out of iron. Ok guys! I know you’re all dying of excitement to know which creature is being spoken about; this mollusk is called the Chrysomallon squamiferum, also known as the ‘Metal snail’. The scaly-foot snail has evolved a shell made of iron sulfide. This is no ordinary snail, but then again, it lives in no mundane environment. It lives around hydrothermal vents, where sea water is heated by underlying magma, reaching 750 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Here we have some pictures of this weird snail, which you all can enjoy.

1.  This amour plated snail, has crazy tool for living in the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Wikimedia Commons

2.  The shell has 3 layers: the top layer is composed of an iron-plated material and the bottom is a calcified substance with a thick, squishy organic layer in between.

Deep Sea Mother

3.  The shell, made of a substance called pyrite, is magnetic in nature. Pyrite, more commonly known as “fool’s gold”, is made from mineral-rich undersea vents.

Deep Sea Mother

4.  This snail is an inspiration for the United States military forces, who hope to come up with advanced armors.

Deep Sea Mother

5.  They are like small war machines.

Deep Sea Mother

6.  They have been a subject of extensive research since they were first discovered in 2001.

Deep Sea Mother

7.  I told you, they are magnetic.

Deep Sea Mother

Source: Amusing Planet

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