Dad Builds “Awesome” Giant Swing So Daughter in Wheelchair Can Play

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Playtime is the best part of childhood, and the memories of swinging higher and higher, feeling the wind on my face remains my favorite memory from those golden days. I used to wait for the time to be 5o’clock, since my dad would take me out to the park at that time. But for Mary Nelson, who suffers from muscular atrophy, things were not that easy; she was confined to a wheelchair. Swinging around like other kids was actually a dream for her. As kids we often used to say, ‘Some people don’t believe in super heroes, but they haven’t yet met my dad.’ This is what I guess was exactly going on in Mary’s mind, when her dad built a roll-on swing set for her. Due to Mary’s physical limitations she couldn’t climb onto a regular playground swing, and the nearest playground that had facilities for kids with special abilities was located 10 miles from her house. Her dad being a mechanical engineer drafted a plan for a swing that could sustain the weight of 450 pound wheelchair. Nelson posted his ideas on a parenting website, and it won the Fatherly Fund Grant. With the prize money of $1000, Nelson was able to procure raw materials and hardware to complete the swing in under a day’s time. The ramp attached to the swing allows Mary’s wheelchair to be propelled onto it with minimal effort. “This is awesome”, says an ecstatic Mary after riding the swing for the first time. Mr. Nelson is now trying to make a full playground for his little darling. No wonder dads are called super heroes. What say guys???



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