Doctors Told Her She Was Fine, But Then A Nurse Tells Her THIS And Saves Her Life!


For about a year, Nicole Leroy felt ill but didn’t know the reason. She visited a primary care physician twice, a gynecologist, and a dermatologist hoping to find a cause.
But, the doctors kept misdiagnosing her and seemed to brush off her complaints entirely, Leroy explained to Ohio’s Local 12.
Feeling hopeless, she decided to also visit the Little Clinic in Ohio. That’s where she met Jessica Smith, a nurse who actually took her words seriously.
“She looked me in the eye and she said, ‘you need to go follow up further, you need to go see your doctor again, you need to push,’” Leroy recalled.
Leroy took Smith’s advice and was eventually diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Had it not been for Smith, Leroy may not have made it.
After Leroy underwent 12 weeks of chemotherapy and two weeks of radiation, she emotionally reunited with her nurse (much like the burn victim who saw her nurse again after 38 years).
“I’ll never forget her,” the nurse said. “It was a challenging case and I’d hoped she would follow up and I’m glad that she did. To hear that she did and she’s now doing very well is rewarding.”


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