Dumbest Blonde – Beauty Is Nothing Without Brains

Fun & Humour

Many people in the world have found this really funny and an intelligent way to sell a product but if you really look into it is quite stereotypical, misogynist and propagates objectification of women—you do not expect a reputed company to drop down to such levels to sell their product in the times when people are hyper aware! But nonetheless you must watch this to see what we mean!

This might be an advert for the world’s classiest of the cars– Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse but the advert has no taste at all because unfortunately the advertising team of Mercedes thought it was funny to show how blond women can be so repulsively dumb to be able to sell the car!

Most people would not find it hilarious but would rather find this quite revolting and we do not blame them! It is a bit sickening to see how most of the adverts in the world are either using women’s sexuality to sell their products or trying to prove that women are dumb! We think this imminently needs to change!

Controversial Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse commercial that objectifies women and perpetuates misogyny.


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