Einstein The Parrot Lives Up To Her Name!

Animals Fun & Humour

This birdy is astonishing—the superstar of all the birds and especially African Grey parrots, meet the most talented Einstein! A bird so intelligent that she’ll leave you wondering whether nature intends all the birds to be this bright!
Einstein was a very famous bird from Texas, a lot of interviews were taken of her with her trainer Stephanie White to show to the world what a little wonder she was. This is a video from one of the science shows where Einstein is talking and making sounds on Stephanie’s cues and earning for herself her favorite seeds!
Einstein is 27 years old in the video and is unfortunately not with us anymore but you’ll be happy to know that she lived all of her life in the wonderful care of the trainers at a zoo in Texas and enjoyed media’s overwhelming attention! Watch our little friend in action!

We all know people who are so smart that their friends call them Einstein. But who ever thought a bird could be that bright? Well, an African Grey parrot from the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee is called Einstein, and it really lives up to its name.


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