Everything Wrong With Disney’s Animated Film ‘Frozen’ In 10 Minutes! This Will Crack You Up!

Animation Fun & Humour

There is no doubt that you would have watched the Disney movie, ‘Frozen’ for it is one of the most popular animated movies ever made! It may have millions of fans worldwide, but still it’s not without its detractors!

This video tells you why this movie is flawed, and the reasons it counts aren’t few! So let’s start from the beginning, OK? Do all Disney movies actually have to begin with a clichéd song? And this movie too, like many others has a cutesy baby animal—was it really necessary?

‘Frozen’ goes the way of the typical fairy-tale—parents die leaving young children behind. Why does the film have to be so formulaic? So this girl has the power to freeze things, but no one told us that she could build a living and talking snowman, did anyone? A nice video for the movie’s critics—the fans may not appreciate it though!

If you liked the movie then this guy’s comments will leave you frozen!


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