A Family Found This Little Creature Injured On The Side Of The Road. And It Changed Their Lives!


Squirrels, as most of you would agree, are true embodiments of cuteness and agility. You just can’t turn your eyes away from a squirrel in the wild; going about its business with a lightning-quick urgency.

A family in Finland found a Red Squirrel lying by the side of a road, apparently devoid of life. They were heart-broken to see it in such a condition but when they tried touching it, it moved slightly which kept their hopes alive. The story, that had appeared gloomy and disheartening until then, was to take a beautiful turn from there. Read on to find out.

  1. The squirrel showed signs of life when they tried moving him about a little.

  1. They took him back home and tried restoring his health.

  1. He was alive and kicking in no time.

  1. But just then, something ugly raised its head. “We realized that his eye would never heal completely and he wouldn’t survive on his own,” said Reddit User Priami, one of the family members.

  1. The family accepted it as a part of them.

  1. ‘Arrtu’, which means Arthur, was the name given to him by the family.

  1. Arttu was quite a delight to behold.

  1. He liked to play around with the members.

  1. He seemed little but had quite an appetite: “We fed him nuts, fruits, berries and mushrooms.” The squirrel also loved to curl up and take little naps.

10.Arttu lived for 7 good years and died of old age in the year 2013. He died in his sleep.

11.“We fed other squirrels all the food we had stored for him before he died.”, said one of the members.

Source: Reddit

It’s always hard to deal with a pet’s death but it’s even more painful to digest the fact that pets can’t really live for as long as we do. Arrtu must now be enjoying his afterlife with his other squirrel friends out there in the heaven.

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