In Fourth Grade He Made Her A Promise. Now Watch What He Does 7 Years Later. I’m Stunned!


How often do you make a promise and keep it too? Let alone keeping, how often do you even remember having made one? I am sure it’s a hard one to answer, but here’s a story that is sure to melt your heart.

Mary Kapkowicz, a student with Down’s syndrome, would never have imagined anything like this to ever happen to her in life.
Ben Moser, her friend, made Mary a promise, in fourth grade, to take her to a prom someday. They had met in 2nd grade and Ben, on realizing her condition, made an all-out effort to befriend Mary and get people to recognize her as one of them.

It so happened one day, during a soccer game, that she found Mary unable to remain active in the game and score. He instantly got everyone out there to help her score a goal. This made Mary happy besides becoming good friends, even played together.

The duo playing together with gay abandon, this entire episode was witnessed by their fourth-grade teacher Tracey Spogli.

“If she was looking like she wasn’t having fun, he would go over and talk to her. He would pull her in to whatever activity they were doing. He just always watched out for her,” said Tracey.

They separated in the sixth grade as Mary had to change school districts. However, destiny had other plans in store for the two. Ben became the star footballer of his school whereas Mary became the equipment manager of her school’s football team. They met yet again when both their teams locked horns for a match.

Want to know what unfolded next? Scroll down and find out for yourself.

It was in second grade that Ben and Mary met each other. Ben went out of his way to be friends with Mary.

Lisa Troutman Moser / Facebook

Ben found Mary to be really sweet and easy-going.

Lisa Troutman Moser / Facebook

Ben promised Mary to take her to prom someday.

Lisa Troutman Moser / Facebook

They met again during an inter-school soccer match and Ben didn’t forget to keep his promise.

Lisa Troutman Moser / Facebook

Mary was elated to have had the fortune of meeting Ben again.

Lisa Troutman Moser / Facebook

Obviously, both their families were overjoyed to have seen both of them together again.

Lisa Troutman Moser / Facebook

Mary’s brother was overwhelmed by Ben’s sweet gesture and wrote a thank you note for Ben on his Facebook page. 

Lisa Troutman Moser / Facebook

Ben made it a point that she felt comfortable during their time together at school.

Lisa Troutman Moser / Facebook

Seven years later, Ben kept his promise and took Mary to a prom.

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Lisa Troutman Moser / Facebook


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