This Guy Brags To His Boss That He Knows Everyone. He Believe Him, Until The Pope Gets Involved

Fun & Humour

  People and their habits! And as they say “Old habits die hard”, with the passage of time, these habits tend to get graver. For instance, occasional smokers emerge as chain smokers, cleanliness concerned people develop OCD symptoms and Friday night booze intoxicates the entire life of some people. While many know where to draw the line, for others the distinction gets blurred and they end up making a mess of their life. There are also some habits which cannot be marginalized as good or bad. Their range and scope is too vast to be described in one word. One such habit is that of bragging, and all of us have encountered one or more of such people who are wasting their outstanding imaginative talents in bragging. With the kind of story they prolifically present, they would have been better off as a novelist. However, they choose to amuse us and even though their stories are hard to believe, we enjoy listening to them. Sometimes it so happens that their stories take us by surprise and we experience a near cardiac arrest. We bring to you a classic example of one such profuse bragging personality.

Dave 2


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