How Can You Jump From One Plane To Another…..Truly Insane Stunt

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Do we even need to comment on what a daredevil skydiver Joe Jennings is? He might have attempted a lot of death defying stunts before, but what he is going to do today will simply blow you off!

His anxious parents watch on as he takes off in a plane along with his pilot friend. Now that they are high up in the air, Joe is about to jump out. Four, three, two, one… And out of the plane goes our hero!

Free-falling from the great height, with the world below him looking like a jig-saw puzzle of brown, gray and green underneath. He is now going to do something he had never done before—he enters another plane where the pilot is waiting with the door open! Wow! What an extraordinary feat he has accomplished! Happy at his achievement, he joyously jumps down to the ground with a parachute much to the relief of his mum and dad!

Sky diving is scary on it own but this guy's taken it to a whole new level of scary. Watch as he attempts to jump out of one plane and into another!


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