How close to a train track can you set up a vegetable market? Closer… Closer…

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Now this will actually blow your mind! You must have seen street vendors and stall shops before but this Maeklong Market in Samut Songkhram, Thailand, around 37 miles west of Bangkok has taken working in ‘tight spaces’ to another level! This market is set up at the tracks of their national train, so close to it that when the train runs through it, it seems like it is almost touching the fresh fruits, vegetables, sea food, dry spices, freshly cooked street food—their business products! In this video, No.4382 commuter train from Mae Klong to Ban Laem is shown running through its tracks and on the side of it a setup of stalls with fresh vegetables and sea food products can be seen. The train is running at 15mph but the shopkeepers are nonchalantly waiting for it to pass and get down to their business again. Just when the train has passed through, these shopkeepers and businessmen pull their canopies and products back out and the train track is turned into a tightly packed open air market again! The hustle-bustle of the market takes over the scene like nothing has happened! Apparently this market goes through this exercise at least 8 times a day but people seem like they are well-acquainted with the ordeal. We do not know if any of these sellers worry about accidents or disasters but it surely does not deter them from making a living for themselves and also does not discourage the buyers from buying! This is absolutely amusing to watch!

I've heard of tight quarters but this takes it to a whole new level. Amazing how fast they can fold and unfold their business operations when the train passes through.


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