How One Guy Who Cheats On His Girlfriend Looses Everything To A Vagabond!! Lucky Hobo!

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This really is a treat for the women who have been cheated or are getting cheated right now as we speak—chicas! Some men are pricks and dirty a-holes and you can’t do much about it but what you can do is savor every little second of this video and rejoice in the feeling that it’s an eternal truth that cheaters lose!

It’s a short film to show how if you don’t value what you got and throw it out of the window (pun intended!) then someone else will come along and take all of that and make a happy life out of it! In short, if you don’t value your partner then there soon will come a time when someone else will come and sway her away!

And if your luck is as bad as this guy in the video then this new man will be someone that you least expect to be, maybe a homeless person even! You never know!

A down and out vagabond's luck is dramatically altered when he treads on a piece of glass outside the apartment of an arguing couple.


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