I Am Speechless – Love is Never Silent

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This is a short film by ‘Team Postmasters’ from Mumbai, made in 48 hours for 48 HFP Mumbai 2013. It is a beautiful tale of how love does not need words to express itself. The movie opens with a scene where a family of three—father and two daughters, are travelling in a car, on their way to a vacation to celebrate elder sister, Shikha’s birthday. They reach their destination, which is a serene retreat from the hustle-bustle of the city. As soon as they reach their cottage, Shikha takes out her file and goes away to work. Father uses this opportunity and asks his younger daughter to bring ‘that thing’ from his room. Then we see him putting back his glasses in his bag along with a small wrapped gift. He goes to Shikha’s room and asks her to bring his glasses from the bag. He is talking to her in sign language which tells us that she is speech and hearing impaired. Shikha finds the wrapped gift and enquires about it but he tells her that it is not from him. It was a mobile phone, which upsets her little as she is deaf and dumb and a mobile phone does not mean anything in her world. She puts it way but attends to it when it starts vibrating. A certain ‘Ram’ video calls her; she takes the call and they both start talking in sign language to each other. Both of them cannot speak or hear but the flow of emotions is uninterrupted in their silent conversation. He proposes her and she accepts his proposal; the whole conversation inspires a wave of emotions in audience’s hearts, telling us that the love is never silent. No wonder this beautiful piece of art has won many awards!

This film was made in 48 hours for 48HFP Mumbai 2013, and went on to win 5 awards - Best Direction, Best Actor - Male, Best Actor - Female, Best Original Music and 1st Runnerup - Best Film.


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