If You Think A Fused Bulb Is Of No Use, You’d Be Wrong. Here’s Something To Baffle All Your Friends!

How To Tricks

Have you ever been to a magic shop or to a vendor who sells mysterious stuffs? If yes, then you would know the kind of stuffs they sell, a magic lantern, an enchanted speak-to-you doll, a mysterious car and so on.

The video shows the intricate detail that goes into turning a plain bulb into a magical device. What is interesting to note is that the man turns the waste product into something amazingly mesmerizing. Wondering what it is all about? Before we fill you up with what the clip unfolds, first answer this – what do you do with a fused bulb? Most likely, throw it away. After all, what use is a fused bulb for?

You would be surprized and baffled out of your wits after watching this video, as to how a man turns a fused bulb into a magical device. Rest assured, you shall never dispose those fused bulbs ever again!

How do you take an otherwise boring light bulb and turn it into something to annoy your friends with?


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