If You Think His Singing Was A Shocker Just Wait And See What He Does After He Is Done Singing!

Singing Talent

This is probably one of the most wholesome auditions of America’s Got Talent ever—it has talent in it, it has an element of surprise in it, it has romance in it and lots of happy tears in the end! You will love it for it is such a happy thing to watch!

This is the audition video of a man called Travis Pratt in the America’s favorite America’s Got Talent and it is not just any audition, it is very special for Travis does something that nobody expected him to do—nobody thought that a tough looking black guy would do something so soft, feminine and artistic!

But even that surprise is not enough, there is something else to the whole thing as well, a thing that you will admire very much if you are the kind who always roots for love and romance! If you like this and have become Travis’ fan then watch his ‘Ave Maria’ video as well!

Nobody had ever heard him doing that in public before but you will love what he did!


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