IKEA Turned 10 Children’s Drawings Into Soft Toys For An Incredible Reason!


Having already aided 11-million children with regard to education since 2003, IKEA decided this year to change things a little to support the inflow of donations for the kids in need. Acknowledging the idiosyncratic imagination of children, IKEA decided to hold a competition, out of which the 10 finalists would get a chance to make their stuffed toy designs tangible. Entries flooded in from across the globe, and these ten designs were selected by IKEA to be made into plush toys. The stuffed toys were replicated to the point from the simple adorable designs of the children and each of them was sold for a Dollar or Euro which was then contributed towards UNICEF’s campaign “Save the children”. Despite the fact that millions of children around the globe still do not have the opportunity to be educated, the efforts made by IKEA will certainly give tons of kids hope in the coming decade.
1. Design By Belgium’s four-year-old, Thymeo
Drawings 1(b) Drawings 1

2. 6-year-old Stella from Cyprus
Drawings 2
3. 7-year-old Dora from UK
Drawings 3
4. Netherlands’ 10-year-old Koen
Drawings 4
5. 7-year-old Albert from Romania
Drawings 5
6. 6-year-old You-Chen Wu from Thailand
Drawings 6
7. 8-year-old Maja and 5-year-old John from Norway
Drawings 7
8. 6-year-old Terrence from Malaysia
Drawings 8
9. 10-year-old Karla from Croatia
Drawings 9(b) Drawings 9
Via: http://www.boredpanda.com/ikea-turn-kids-drawings-plush-soft-toys-for-education/


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