Insane Death Defying Moped Stunts By Two Crazy Talented Riders

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This video might open up to you a whole new world of new ideas to ride a bike. Every little precaution that should be taken care of while riding a motorbike is absolutely defied by these almost foolishly fearless guys from Malaysia, Aling and Ayan Lijah. The video is going to fill you with thrill the moment it sets off with its peppy Indonesian music. These couple of guys are riding on an unusually outdated bike, with no helmets, or elbow or knee pads, or the traditional leather suit or hand gear, or even a pair of shoes! Very nonchalantly—in their shorts, t-shirts and slippers— these guys are riding on their bike, half stood up on the each side of the bike. Just when you think that it cannot get more exciting than that, they do a wheelie and one of these bravehearts jumps on the seat, riding half stood up. The whole video is a beautiful synchronization of organized stunts. Looks like these two young lads have been practicing this for a while. Riding through what looks like the road built in the middle of rice paddies, they continue with their wheelies, standing up on the bike, lying down on it, sitting cross legged, smiling at the camera—quite proud of their artistic bravery! This video is sure to make you gasp at some point and you might feel the need to shout out loud, ‘That’s not possible!’ but whatever you do, do not try this on your own!

No helmet, no elbow or knee pads, no super bike either... all these two need is just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt! Amazing skill with bike handling.

Warning: Don't try this at home!


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