It Will Pay Off To Look Into These You Tube Secrets

Fun & Humour Technology Videos

So all you big time Youtubers, here is some wonderful news for you—there is much more to youtube than just those awesome videos! Yes, you can have a lot more fun with youtube if you know some cool tricks!

This video brings you some really weird stuff that you can do while watching videos and your youtube experience will never be the same again! Do you like video games? Now you can play your own version of ‘Missile Command’ on youtube!

Do you fancy yourself a geek? Then give your youtube screen a really nerdy look with this fun trick! Do you know you can also add comic book effects to your videos? And you can move the videos with your mouse! Add memes, play games, and do a hell of a lot of other exciting things to make your youtube experience more enjoyable!

If you like YouTube, as many of us do, it’ll pay off to look into some amazing secrets. With this knowledge, it’s easier to get what you want, when you want it; to enjoy YouTube in its full glory.


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