Jack Russel Terrier Who Was Accidentally Born As A Goat

Fun & Humour

It is fun time at the ‘Took a Leap Farm’ in Maine with so many pretty goat kids frolicking around the lush grassy lawns! But what makes the farm even more special for the owners is this feisty little five-week-old Nigerian dwarf goat kid, Buttermilk, who is unique in more than one way!

When you look at the little one jumping and frolicking about, you might just mistake her for a small dog—that’s the way our little Miss Buttermilk is! Look at how she joyfully prances about and jumps up on her owner like a puppy and circles him.

She is so active and full of energy! In her enthusiasm she kicks the other kids, jumps over them, and bleats happily! She is so much like a friendly dog, she even trots like one! Look at the gleeful expression on her face; how sweet and innocent is she!

Buttermilk, a mischievous five-week-old goat, is especially in need of attention and isn't afraid to push the other goats aside to get it. Buttermilk hurdles over the other goats, even jumping on them at some points knocking the others over


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