These Kid’s Outfits Look Completely Normal, But What They’re Wearing Has Been Called Revolutionary


Parenting may be the hardest yet most important–and ultimately the most rewarding–work a person can do.In a family, parents are responsible for the welfare of the children and offer the children an embracing, unconditional love that overlooks and compensates for their weaknesses. Through their example, they teach children the basic values and attitudes which they will carry throughout life. Parents always want the best for their children. They want them to achieve much more than they could in life, in every possible way. But as fate would have it Lauren Thierry’s life was different. All she wished from her autistic child was to be able to do simple things on his own; things as simple as getting dressed. And like any other mother in the world, Lauren Thierry too found a solution to her child’s problem.

Liam, Thierry’s son, who has autism, goes through a lot of difficulties trying to do things, which most people do naturally.

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“I know it sounds like such a non-issue,” says Thierry. “And yet, if your kid can’t get dressed, they can’t get out of the house.” She realized she can’t be there always to help Liam, and decided to do something about it.

She found a solution for not only Liam but all the kids with this problem. Her line of apparel Independence Day Clothing, is dedicated to design clothes for differently-abled people.

A combination of form and function is what best describes this fashion line. It designs apparel specifically for people who suffer from cognitive and physical impairments.

‘Wear it any way you like it’, is what the fashion line is all about.’

Buttons, zippers, laces are all not a part of her Independence Day pieces. It’s a great relief for those sensory and processing disorders.

Bright colors and designs make them exciting for kids

The fabric used is smooth, soft and easy on the skin, designed keeping, the comfort of the kids, in mind.

The dresses are GPS enabled.

A major problem faced by the parents of kids with special needs is keeping an eye out to prevent them from going astray. With a GPS device hidden in their outfit, parents are able to locate them with minimal worry. Also the line designs clothes not only for kids but also caters to the needs of adults.


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