She Lay Down On The Road In Front Of This Dog, And The Reason Why Brought Me To Tears!


It took a lot of incredible patience, love, care and Oscar winning acting skills to save a starving dog, but some dedicated humans are all up to preserve the little bit of humanity left on earth. When Amanda Guarascio heard about an unapproachable and seriously malnourished lost dog in Mt. Ranier, Washington, she instantly knew she had to try and help him. Wasting no time, Amanda and her friend Dylan Parkinson immediately drove to the spot where he’d last been seen, and the rest is history. Want to know what happened to the dog? Here you go guys, read ahead and find the answer to all your queries.

  1.  Meet Baby Bear, the dog who we have been talking about all this while. He did take food from Amanda and her girlfriend but did not let them come close. They too did not give up till 3 am (patience, I must say).

2.  The next day they decided to try out their acting skills, playing dead to gain the dog’s trust. But the canine refused to budge.

3.  They did have to face the snow, but nothing could deter them from their goal of saving the dog.

4.  Amanda slowly inched towards Baby Bear, and finally IT WORKED!!.

5.  Their efforts paid off and Baby Bear let them come close to him.

6.  Amanda and Bear remained curled up for some time before the latter could trust the humans completely.

7.  Soon Baby Bear was ready to be carried to his new home with his new family.

8.  After timely medical attention, everyone could see a new life in Baby Bear.

  9.  Over time, with a lot of effort he started to trust humans again.

Source: king5

Baby Bear has now been adopted by a loving family. Amanda says: “His foster family has been doing an amazing job at getting him back to health. The difference is incredible!!”. She went on: “He is such a good boy and knows commands and is just a big giant cuddle bug”.


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