Lion Turns The Tables On Illegal Hunters By Mauling Man Looking To Shoot Him!


Trophy hunting or canned hunting is on the rise and every now and then we get news of innocent animals being killed by heartless humans. These humans want to prove themselves to be the superior beings and to showcase their might they take the help of trophy hunting. Men do not have the guts to battle these rulers of jungle in their territory; therefore, they surround them with fences and staying in more or less safe situation, shoot point blank. Wow! What a heroic act… the story of Cecil, the lion, awakened the masses and people came to know more about the injustice meted out to these poor creature only to satiated the gallant cravings of some humans.

Some of the incidents wherein these innocent animals meet an unfortunate end make us disbelieve the proverb “As you sow, so shall you reap”. We feel that poetic justice is only suited to be in novels and films and in reality it has no validity.

In spite of the vehement opposition the act of Dr. Walter Palmer received after killing Cecil, another group of pseudo-hunters headed by Matome Mahlale along with five of his comrades, entered the ‘Kruger National Park’, South Africa, in hopes of killing a lion. However, the game took a turn and even before they realized, the ball slipped out of their court. The lion pounced on the hunters killing Matome and two of his companions, while three others ran for their lives.

Incidents like these re-establish our faith in justice and the power of fate. Hopefully, this will be a lesson such hunters will never forget and also set an example for those pondering the thought of canned hunting.

When interviewed, a native shared his feelings in the following way:
“There won’t be many people feeling sorry for him. This is seen as poetic justice for the death of Cecil.”



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