Little Boy Sits In Pope’s Chair, Steals The Show

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Millions of people around the globe might love and revere Pope Francis but none other than this little boy would have the innocence to go right up to him for a hug. This video captures the endearing incident that takes place as the Pope addresses a large crowd in Vatican City.

The Pope is discussing about faith and family values and is oblivious to the little guy in a yellow shirt who quietly slips behind the pope and sits on his chair! He also hugs the Catholic Church leader as he is delivering his speech and stays close to him throughout the event even as cardinals try to make the kid leave.

This little child is able to do what several other followers of the pope can only imagine. He sits in the pope’s chair, hugs him, and steals the limelight away from the pope himself at his speech!

When Pope Francis finished his address in St Peter's Square and turned to his chair, the last thing he expected was to find this young man sitting in it! The awesome part was that he refused to be parted from the pope!


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