When A Little Girl’s Fear Of Monsters Kept Her From Sleeping, Her Dad Did This. Unbelievably Sweet!


Does the thought of monsters freak you out? Do you spend sleepless nights fearing a monster attack? Well, it might not be the same for all of us but most of us have that unrelenting fear of ghosts and monsters, especially when we are kids. While some overpower their fear as they grow up, others remain in the shadow of that dread. Same is the story of Mya, a little girl living in Sooke, British Columbia, who was so frightened of monsters that she almost turned insomniac. Fearing that the ghost will harm her, she would not blink her eyes and would spend sleepless nights.

Her father noticed that his daughter was going through a tough time and he wanted to do something to get her out of this. He devised a plan and to execute that he met a pharmaceutical technician. He explained his plan to the technician named Dee Vivian, and the plan amazed her so much that she readily volunteered to join in it.

Photo Credit: http://imgur.com/gallery/q7KTXuN

Photo Credit: http://imgur.com/gallery/q7KTXuN

Mya’s father thought of filling a spray bottle with some liquid and name it ‘monster spray’, and to give it a real feel, he wanted the assistance of Vivian. He even had a bottle to serve as a sample to what the spray bottle should look like.


Vivian did all that she could to make the spray bottle look like a medicinal spray in order to help the concerned father in the best possible way. Detailed with all the instructions, manufacturing date and other details the ‘monster spray’ was ready to kill all the monsters in the vicinity.

Vivian did not charge any fees for providing a helping hand in the noble cause. The idea worked as Mya’s father wanted it to, guaranteeing his daughter peaceful nights.

Via: BuzzFeed


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