Living With Tigers – Family Share Home With Pet Tigers

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Would you let your baby play with a fully grown tiger? Or share your bedroom with a giant cat? This is exactly what Brazilian Aryas Borges has been doing over the past several years. The Borges family takes their love for pets to the extreme—they are the proud owners of not just one, but seven huge tigers!

Years ago Aryas Borges rescued two tigers from a circus and grew so attached to them that he decided to keep them as pets in his home and even bred them. The cat brood soon grew to seven but the Borges family is not complaining—the more the merrier!

The whole Borges clan, including his three daughters and little grand daughter eat, play, swim, and sleep with the tigers which have lost their instincts after living with humans for so long. Watch this incredible video to believe your eyes!

The Borges family from Maringa, Brazil, have been living with the tigers for eight years. Ary Borges rescued two of the big cats from the circus eight years ago and they, along with their cubs, have since become members of the family.


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