Look Closely At This Newborn’s Face. When Dad Noticed THIS, He Was Stunned.


Being a grandparent is the only promotion, that cannot be included in a resume, and when it comes to being a great grandparent it is DOUBLE the happiness. It is a landmark that only very few get to witness in their lives. Scott Martin loved his grandmother very dearly. He lives in Washington State with his wife Jen. When he became a first-time father, he took a photo of their 2-day-old baby girl Penelope and her grandmother Millie, and captured the moment forever. In the photo the new born and the great-grandmother have their eyes locked as if there is an unsaid connection between the two. Martin told a social news and entertainment agency that—“They just stared at each other for a while, it was like they knew each other.” As destiny would have it, the day Penelope met her great-grandmother it was her 71st wedding anniversary. Though Martin’s grandpa had passed away recently, Millie’s first encounter with Penelope on their anniversary added a lot of sweet emotions to the beautiful day. Take a look at this photo; I haven’t seen anything more innocent or more pure in a really long time. It brings a smile instantly and unconsciously to your face.

This is the first photo of 2-day-old Penelope and her great-grandmother Millie, on her 71st wedding anniversary.Introspecting about the moment captured on camera Martin said, “It was like they knew each other”.

Photo Credit: http://ubertopic.com/wedding-vows-lipsync/100096/

Photo Credit: http://ubertopic.com/wedding-vows-lipsync/100096/

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