No Matter How Long You Stare, You’ll Never Be Able To Figure Out These Illusions!


According to me, one of the most annoying brain teasers are optical illusions, they trick our minds and we are clueless as we are not being able to draw any rational conclusion. We cannot believe what we see in spite of it being there in front of our eyes. Some of them are so engrossing that we do not even wink our eyes and try to reason out that we see.

We have enlisted some of the most fascinating delusions. Hope you like them!

1. Give me a measuring tape! Quick!

 2. How is this even possible?

 3. I knew it was a canvas… Well… I didn’t

 4. Why don’t you take a seat and have a cup of tea?

 5. Wow! What perfection

 6. My head is spinning

 7. This has got to be cheating!

 8. Wanna solve this Rubik’s Cube?

 9. Can’t figure out what’s going on

10. What artistry!

 11. You have to be SILENT to LISTEN

 12. Flashed Face Distortion Effect

 13. OMG! That is unbelievably wacky!

 14. That’s scary!!

15. The portable world

16. Rash driving is a punishable offence, didn’t you know that??

17. Give me a break, will you?

18. Did I just see that?

19. Once more please

20. And I thought it was some magnetic field…

(via twentytwowords)

Well, if you found these illusions mindboggling and fun, why don’t you go ahead and share it with your friends?


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